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Restored Vintage Bird's Eye View Maps and Lithographs
Bird’s eye view maps, which are also known as panoramic maps, combine history, geography, and art to make great collector’s items and gifts. Auto City Artworks are proud to offer this ever-growing collection of carefully curated and restored vintage Bird's Eye View maps as well as several lithographs of Michigan and the Great LAkes region. 

We offer these reproductions in 2 sizes- 24x18 and 36x24. These sizes not only help preserve the dimensional aspect of the original artwork, but also ensures you can easily find a variety of frames to display and protect your purchase.

While we offer professionally matted versions of these maps in our retail locations, our online maps are sold unframed both to reduce customer cost and also to give you more options when it comes to how you'd like to frame your print. Any frame or other mounting materials depicted in the photographs are purely for illustrative purposes. 

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