About Alpha Charlie Alpha

There are a million Zazzle, Amazon and Etsy shops that just slap inaccurate and horrible versions of unit patches and insignias on items. Not here. Alpha Charlie Alpha prides itself on attention to detail.

Owned by a former 82nd Airborne Paratrooper who served as an NCO in both the MI (96R) and Signal Corps (25V), Alpha Charlie Alpha began as Auto City Artworks, an online gift and art store. Sales were good, but there was no joy in the products being sold- no connection with the customers. Then one day, our owner came across his old battalion PT shirt from the 90s which had become almost as unserviceable as he has.

Using government-issued graphic design skills, he recreated the artwork, found a great source for printing t-shirts, and ordered a replacement.

Once others in the battalion Facebook group saw the new shirt, they wanted new ones, and sales began. Soon, requests for other unit shirts and gear started coming in and it didn't take long for Auto City Artworks to transition into Alpha Charlie Alpha - shifting fire to provide original and reproduced unit-specific gear for fellow veterans. 

While we have a strong affection for the Airborne, MI, and Combat Camera soldiers/units, we love (almost) everything Army.