Let Us Reproduce Your Unit Gear! No Minimums!

We'd LOVE to do custom work for you or your unit. There's no set-up fee and no minimum order. Our only requirements are that you have a good, clear photo of the shirt or unit artwork you'd like reproduced, and that once we get it up in the store, that you share the product page with your fellow veterans. 

We're proud of our entire catalog, but our favorite products are the ones that have been requested by fellow veterans. Whether it's a coffee mug from their first unit, a retention office poster that used to hang on their CP wall, a thread-bare unit t-shirt, or a completely new design commemorating their unit or service, we love bringing old memories and new gear together. 

 One of our most recent requests was a company t-shirt from HHC, SETAF. Here's the original shirt, and then our reproduction. 

Original SETAF HHC Company T-Shirt next to the ACA Reproduction

 Once we've reproduced the artwork, we can place it on mugs, pint glasses, Beer Steins, posters... pretty much anything you'd like.

Maybe you've got a unit shirt that's too worn to wear? Maybe you've outgrown it since you left the service? Or maybe you're getting ready for a unit reunion and are looking for the perfect thing to wear. Get the conversation started using the form below!

NOTE: Some artwork may not be able to be reproduced due to copyright issues, poor condition of the original, or other mitigating factors. We'll let you know right away if we think there may be an issue with your request.